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  • German film StarkeDACH!
  • StarkeDACH guarantee you a healthy and environmentally-friendly climate in your home!

The purpose of each of the roof - the house is dry. After all, the roof must protect the house from rain, strong winds and other natural disasters. However, the moisturecomes not onlyfrom the outside. It isalso true of a lot of moisture inside the house andcooking and washing and finally breathing. Moisture is the biggest enemy of the house, making the most damage.

It is therefore very important that the house could "breathe", ie allow moisture to evaporate from the inside while protecting against rain and wind. House "breathing" to perform a function essential membrane - is vital importance quality to be coatedroofing or structural element of the installation. Although the film and the relativelylower-case form part of the building wall or roof structure, but however their importance for the functionality of the building is very high during the life of a building

If the wall or roof membrane loses essential characteristics, then automaticallyaffects all the roof or wall structure of the performance, the film may charge a leakexposed to wind and water vapor miss badly. Of course all this can result: an expensiverenovation of the roof, high heating costs, mold, damaged interior trim, and more.

To avoid many of these disadvantages, we offer you the highest quality  German film StarkeDACH diffuse triple.

  This is the highest quality German diffuse membrane, which will guarantee you a healthy, environmentally friendly, long-lasting climate of your home. priklauso
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