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STARKEDACH 100 – This diffuse, three layer composite roof membrane, characterized by high vapor permeability. This is the highest quality film / membrane. High product quality will guarantee you a healthy, environmentally friendly, long-lasting climate of your home.

STARKEDACH 100 membrane is composed of three layers: two polypropylene untextile and an inner layer of functional polypropylene film. The film continually releases vapor of water which means that it has a high vapor permeability, so condensation does not accumulate in the roofand wall structures inside. This film has a characteristic of water impermeability, andmore at how to 3000g / m² x 24h water level, which affects STARKEDACH 100  film durability, strength.

STARKEDACH 100 scontains special additives to stabilize, through which the UV stabilitymuch as 3 months. which means that film is resistant to ultraviolet rays, and decay.

 As STARKEDACH 100 membrane increased resistance to tear, it is there for appropriate to lay directly on the thermal insulation or on a solid plank flooring, it is through this film without having to leave ventilation space between the membranes and thermal insulation (glass wool, mineral wool) - allowed an uninterrupted film and thermal insulation contact. The product contains has no danger materials.

STARKEDACH 100 membrane quickly and easily installed at any time of year.

STARKEDACH 100 possibility of use:

STARKEDACH 100 is intended for use as flooring, ventilated pitched roof and wallinsulation in hydro and wind. In order to meet the film contained a guarantee of quality,must be carried out as soon as possible. This will ensure an effective coating system.

STARKEDACH 100 specifications:

  • Weight (g/m²)                                                 100g/m² (-10/+10g/m²)
  • Number of layers                                                   Three    
  • SD ratio                                                        0,02m (+0,015m)
  • Resistance to air penetration                               0,02m3 /m2 .h. 50Pa
  • Resistance to UV exposure                                3 months.
  • Use wooden boards seamlessly covered roof      Yes
  • Waterproof                                                     W1
  • Temperature range of use                                 EN 1190
  • Roll width                                                       1,5m.
  • Roll length                                                         50 m.
  • Total m2                                                                 75m2 roll's length
  • Rolls in pallete                                               40 pcs.
  • With sticky tape                                                  No
  • Compliance with CE standards provisions of      Directive 89/106/EEB provision
* CE -  product meets PN  EN 13859-1 + A1 2008, PN-EN 13859-2 + A1 standards of 2008 priklauso
    UAB „Meistro Kodas“

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