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*GEOTEX STARKEDACH (Manufacturer Germany)


Geotextiles - for soil stabilization , separation and filtration.
Made from stabilized polypropylene and heat pooled threads. It is not rot and not mould material.

Material properties :

  • * Excellent stabilizes;
  • * Filtrate;
  • * Easy to install;
  • * Easy transported and cut;
  • * Prevents filling;
  • * Serves as the base for a variety of different materials ( blocks , mulch , crushed stone , sand , etc.)


  • * to reinforce roads and paths, terraces, entries surface ( using this film as a separation layer between the soil and gravel or crushed stone , different layers are protected from the mixing plant and entering the subsoil to the surface. Also, expand the strength of the road that is reduced by the formation of ruts option. Due good water permeability film can‘t hold moisture and it easily reaches the soil layers)
  • * Protect ( sand, gravel, pebbles , etc.) from the mixing plant and entering the subsoil to the surface.
  • * To separate the different soil layers in garden, garden work in beds.
  • * Prevents drainage and other irrigation systems ( to improve the drainage system performance , reduce impurities and prolong the life of the system )


Technical parameters:

GeoTex Starkedach

  • Roll size : 1 m x 50 m = 50 m2
  • Material weight: 110 g/m2
  • Color : Light gray
  • Manufacturer: Germany
  • *sold by the meter
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