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Roof RODEO R-150


                               *made in Lithuania


Arch Roof RODEO R-150 - this is a great protection for your entrance into the house area.

Arch roofs RODEO R-150 - This is a great and lasting protection against wind and rain.

Stable, simple, long-term protection, a decorative design.



stable powder coated aluminum construction;
Decorative design;
coated polycarbonate cover;
Long-term protection against rain and UV rays;
quick and easy installation;
     above the front door;
     above the garage door;
     over the balcony;
     over the windows;
     above the windows


Technical characteristics:

Material   Metal construction, painted
Colour coating   Brown or Silver (aluminum)
Roof covering   Polycarbonate 6 mm.


 Roof RODEO R-150:


150x70cm. Brown design (Brown or Clear Coat)

150x70cm. Silver (aluminum) color design (Clear or Brown Coat) 


*provide roofs installation service priklauso
    UAB „Meistro Kodas“

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